Rating: 2.0

I am was aware that Zac Brown and his talented Band were dual threats, kicking our country jams like the Chicken Fried, and then could shred some rock and roll like their version of "Heavy is the Head" but was not aware they had this adult-contemporary soft side.  It isn't all that bad, but I'd stick to the Country-Buffet-Southern-Rock recipe that works really fucking well.

Rating: 2.1

Is this a country song masked as a rock n roll ballad or a rocknroll ballad veiled as a country song? Unless theres a more live raucous version of this song its a midset "its time to grab a beer" kinda song. American beer that is. except that one sorority girl whos eyes are closed singing every word swaying like it was written for her about her by her. Side note i wanted to talk about zack brown always wearing a hat. who does he think he is? ZZ Top? 

Rating: 2.24

I have a friend who likes to imbibe a tad, and when they do, they usually put this song on and start crying. I can not listen to this song without thinking about this.