Rating: 2.5

 Alison Krauss has one of those voices that is both timeless and fresh. I could listen to her sing a cover of pretty much any song. With that said, I can listen to Alison in 10 minute spurts, once every other month.

Rating: 2.9

I get Allison Krauss and Diana Krall all sorts of mixed up. now that that side note is over. This country meets lounge jazz is a neat tune. I can imagine Allison moving her hand in front of her face side to side when singing the chorus "YOU DONT KNOW ME!"

Rating: 2.85

Alison's vocals finally take center stage with this album, and it's everything you would have expected. At times Celine, and at other times Patsy. Melodic, haunting and at the same time inviting and pitch perfect. I'll likely never listen to this song again, but it's nice to listen to on a sunny Tuesday afternoon.