Rating: 3.0

"I'm batshit and I know it." Right Said Fred with a female featured? I did this for it's not-so-in-your-face nuance.

Rating: 2.9

this is a well produced joke. the music and beats are great, lyrics etc let us into a world of IDGAF

Rating: 1.05

Not my bag. I get it, and I can hear this being played in the background of a packed bar in a Las Vegas club, where music (lyrics, structure, melody) doesn't matter, as their sole responsibliity is to fill the vapid nothing that exists between the time you enter the club and the time that you get a drink... but it's just not my bag. It looks and sounds like someone at a record label got a hold of a random "You Tube CREATOR" and said, "the kids will LOVE this at brunch!"