Rating: 2.0

Is it me or does this sound like Spektor made her own version of "Pure Imagination" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Nothing new and inspiring for her on this track.  I do like the minimalist breakdown at the back end, I'd give a full version of that a higher mark.

Rating: 2.7

She means well and its a decent song with some interesting pieces. The EDM section is interesting but also feels forced. I cannot seem to say much about it. I think it'd be a fine song to include in a movie somewhere that would require a build up of sorts. Maybe? sure. why not.

Rating: 3.1

Quick story: "I first saw Regina Spektor open for The Strokes, back in 2004, at Madison Square Garden"... is the coolest, truest music-related sentence I will ever write, short of "I helped Steve Wonder write 'As', back in 1976". I digress, Spektor was touring on a b-side of a Strokes single, and the impending release of Soviet Kitch, so I've always had a soft spot for her music. This song is as Regina Spektor as Regina Spektor gets - soft piano leading the way into hard piano, finishing back at soft piano. (Sidenote: I've also seen Tori Amos and The Lilith Fair concert, so ... you know, I'm a rare breed.)

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