Rating: 1.5

This song might find a home in a David Lynch film, think over a transition sequence with a first person view from a speeding vehicle, but outside of that it isn't doing it for me.  Reminds me of a slower version of k.d. Lang's "Constant Cravings."  Pass.

Rating: 2.4

A combination of a "Horse with No Name" and Dire Straits "Six Blade Knife." If I were driving down a desert road at like 2:38AM in a convertible, I suppose this would be the song that is on in the background before I inexplcably fall asleep at the wheel and drive off a cliff. Everyone's lives are like movies right?

Rating: 3.09

"Dylan Leblanc" sounds like the name Ian Ziering uses when he checks into hotels, thinking people still know or care who Ian Ziering. I like this song, almost as much as I like this album as a whole. It's good "coffee drinking on a Monday morning" music.

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