Rating: 0.5

If Julian Cassablancas and MGMT came together and tried to write the worst pop song they possibly could...this might be it.

Rating: 2.4

Today on syths and modulating vocals....more modulating vocals and you guess it, synths. What do you do when you write dance music that people cant dance to? Phoenix comes back with more of the same that blends past and present in a manner thats a bland rehash of themes done better. Thats what this songs reminds me of. Maybe put it in a movie staring Selena Gomez as she walking through a crowded party to that one guy whos a total babe. and hes wearing romper. cos dudes do that now. romphim

Rating: 2.49

Cool groove and classic Phoenix sound returns on the band's newest release. The sound is a little dated in 2017 but it's still good, strong Phoenix vibes coming from the speakers.