Rating: 1.5

That intro on the piano is iconic. The vocals are legendary and when Van Halen comes in with the guitar it is just....wait, not that "Right Now"? Well this is just shit in comparison.

Rating: 2.9

Id be curious how they play this live, but I think its abold step forward as the band continues to make their own way as a pop synth "rock" band. I think the song was one step away from something totally unique in the pop sphere. It needed an additional music piece, or a killer coda...and thats why im no producer.

Rating: 1.51

MY REVIEW IS ALL CAPS BECAUSE HAIM IS ALWAYS CAPITALIZED! YELL THIS TOYOURSELF EVERY TIME YOU READ IT. 22-year old Kaedo would have loved this song. 39 year-old Kaedo finds it sounds a lot like Sarah Bareilles with one too many cups of coffee.