Rating: 3.5

All too often, a legendary band releases an album and the Rolling Stones (magazine, that is) of the world automatically give a mediocre release the highest rating of the year, as if it were a lifetime achievement award each time a new album is released.  This album is packed with songs like this one, that are absolutely amazing.  So in this case, the Rolling Stone (magazine, that is) review, a 4.5 out of 5, is right on point, and the boys' take on blues is as nostalgic as it is refreshing.  Party on, Wayne!

Rating: 3.0

The Stones doing the blues. Call me crazy but they figured lets do what we do and release a record. Sounds good to me. While there's nothing earth shattering, this song gives us a window to listen to who Keith Richards says is one of the best harmonica players around, fellow glimmer twin, Mick Jagger. If the Stones ever needed an album like "Get Back" this is it.

Rating: 3.15

Love the idea of these old geezers stumbling into a studio, picking up instruments, playing some simple 16-bar blues, and calling it an album. You know what, Stonies? You do you. I'll take it.

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