Rating: 3.5

This is a great track.  The bass is working hard all song long but is never distracting, the guitars are distracting when they need to be (because they're so fucking good), the horns perfectly accentuate and the drums are in a cargo-pant pocket (still in a pocket, but with some room to move around).  The actual lyrics...well, I don't know what they are and with a track this good, he could be singing pretty much anything and it wouldn't impact the power of this song.

Rating: 2.9

I recently read an article with Sturgil calling out the country music industry for being pop music in disguise. I liked that. To be fair this does not sound like country music either but i think Sturgil's mentality is IDGAF.

Rating: 3.75

C'mon mannnnn. How can you not love this track? Argue with me that this isn't one of the top 5 songs we've ever reviewed and I'll punch you and tell you why you're wrong. Then, I''ll buy you a beer, because my anger lately has really been misplaced, and I didn't really mean it.

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