Rating: 3.5

I love the voice, I love the melody, and I love the country/southern rock vibe.  And damn, if it doesn't invoke the thought of my own wife throughout the whole thing. (She makes me look damn good!) DJF, I'm down with the simplicity of it all.

Rating: 2.4

Gospel-esque song with a powerful voice. I really like the organs and the buildup of the song. Thoughtful guitar solo however, the lyrics are a simple love song that lack any real kind of sentiment.

Rating: 2.33

Usually I'm anti-Drake anything, but this Drake isn't too shabby. Sounds like he mouthwashes with Jim Beam and chews Marlboro Red filters for gum. It dips into a little too "American Idol / Chris Stapleton cover singer" territory, but I'll let it slide. BUT JUST THIS ONE TIME.

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