Rating: 4.0

What's not to like about this song.  I'm sure my counterparts will answer that for me, but it's a lot like Billy Madison. Critics tore it a new asshole, but I'm still going to watch that over Schindler's List 100 out of 100 times. I don't need to think about it, I can tap my foot, sing along and I won't ever change the station when it's on.  Right in the pocket where country should be.

Rating: 1.3

Country songs talking about the great wide open American road as salvation with the radio on blast. One too may name drops of actually respected country musicians. Two short of the Highwaymen. Yawn.

Rating: 2.1

I like the production & I think she's a wonderful talent but the one thing I dislike about most country music is that relies extensively on cliche and/or overly simplistic symbolism. I'll listen to more of her album to get a better picture of Maren Morris, but this first single is an average entry.

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