Rating: 3.0

I remember the first time I heard this album and this, the lead track, came on.  (As a fan of "Shuffle" mode on my CD player, it probably wasn't the first song I heard.)  My immediate thought was "How is this not Sheryl Crow?"  The multi-tracked vocals remind me of The Beach Boys and the emotion in the lyrics is cutting.

Rating: 3.67

13 years and 6 albums later, this track kicked off Shelby's 1999 grammy award winning effort. The song feels timeless.

Rating: 3.35

I loved this track and album growing up. This track specifically reminded me of a modern (at the time) version of the Wall of Sound type feel. I love the soul of this song, and I can still listen to it front-to-back, and it feels new everytime.

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