Rating: 2.5

This was a much better time in Pharrell's creative career as a producer. I ain't going to hate on him for "selling out" because well, he made this amazing creative shit so he could have the opportunity to make music that reaches a far greater audience. With that said, the songwriting is gimmicky as hell but gives us the likes of this beauty from the comment section of the YT video is amazing...

I was young af when this shit dropped! I thought this shit was about peeing, always asked myself why is everyone peeing so much, now I find out its about sniffing coke..lols

Rating: 3.5

These dudes in the mid '00s could do no wrong. Now Pharell is making happy jams, that is a wack version of JT's trolls soundtrack song. When teamed up with the other two NERDs, he is on point. PS. did you know Pharell did the beat for das efx' rumpshaker?

Rating: 2.0

Re: The video - Like many others, I was fascinated by a NY-based photographer who shot like this, back in 2006-2007. Same type of imagery in this video, almost to the point where I think the same dude shot this. But we all have to grow up sometime and eventually I/we grew out of it. I feel the same way about the song. Cute, kitch, and catchy, but it occupies a space and a moment in time that we all grew up from.