Rating: 2.0

Given to the right MC, this could be the beat to a Hip-Hop Record of the Year contender.  Alone, this simply has the potential to be the beat to a Hip-Hop Record of the Year contender.  Love the beat and listening to more of "Good Luck and Do Your Best," but looking forward to Gold Panda teaming up with someone in the near future.

Rating: 2.89

I really like the throwback feel to a sunny summer afternoon the song gives me. As an instrumental it loses some ground for never really going anywhere but all the same, I am interested to hear more from Gold Panda.

Rating: 2.44

This reminds me of "Donuts"-lite. It lacks the unmistakable soul of a J Dilla track, but it comes close in its execution. This ain't Dilla, this is vanilla. I'd love to hear a hip hop artists from that era on this track, but in the meantime, I'll take this vanilla with sprinkles.

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