Rating: 3.0

EDM is not my main jam sauce provider, but Mr. Mau5 definitely has me intrigued.  It's great to see that the mainstream appeal of this stuff is no longer relegated to the soundtrack of Blade movies.  I dig the production of this track, but I don't know if I'm at the point where I could listen to more than one or two tracks like this at a time.

Rating: 3.6

I cant say ive done much deadmau5 listening but i may have to. The night time driving in the dead of winter vibe this song gave me sent chills throughout. The album art also shows the infamous deadmau5 logo almost covered in snow whats all that mean? wheres the drive going? why are the windows rolled down with knuckles white on the wheel? cigarette ashes flying out at dangerous speeds as the lanes in the interstate blend into one. This wont end well.

Rating: 1.98

I liked this better when it was called "Moby".