Rating: 3.0

This user review on Google Play says it all: "Every time I buy this joint get stolen thank god for Google play won't get stolen now."  Thank you John Porter for this golden nugget.

Rating: 3.2

Hype track. killer tune. check the vernacular.

Rating: 3.99

On the other hand... I consider this one of my all time favorite hip hop tracks. NOTICE I SAID HIP HOP. GREAT sample of California Soul, plus a sample of Marley Marl AND LL Cool J??? In 1990?? Of lyrics so deep, so don't sleep, but just peep me / Puttin methods on records and spinning for each millisecond / 33 RPM's displays the art of men This song and this album was one of the reasons I fell for hip hop when I was younger. Seriously, check out these lyrics.

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