Rating: 2.0

Let's assume this is comedy...knocked it out of the park (I laughed out loud at the Foodie line).  Let's assume this is a real hip-hop attempt...worst song ever (instagram, Pickachoo?!).  I think it is comedy, so good for you D.R.A.M.!  But you are nowhere near as talented a rapper, nor as funny a comedian as Lil Dickey.

Rating: 2.3

This dude looks like busta rhymes in the photo on spotify. Aint rhyming like Busta though. Theres not much to the song besides a piano sample, and a rehashed noisething thats more noticable in Beyonce's "Sorry."

Rating: 0.0

I made it 2:21. This is awful. This isn't even good in the tongue-in-cheek "Just a friend"-way.Radio stations that I might listen to won't play this, I don't brunch, and I'm a dad now, so I won't go to a cool club so thankfully there's no circumstance where I ever have to hear this song again.

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