Rating: 0.5

This dude sounds like the kid who gets really drunk and tells everyone he can freestyle "so good" and then just says gibberish before yelling "This that East Coast Mother Fuckah! Call me East Coast Mother Fuckah" The difference this dude wrote it down before heading into the studio. But I assume he was really drunk.

Rating: 0.87

An ok beat and sample. This dude A$asp is rather repetitive. Remy's verse is ok. Nothing original. Nothing to see here. Whoa that guitar part came out of nowhere. That's really the only redeeming part of the song.

Rating: 0.23

Heresanexampleofshittyrapmusicthatthekidstoday seem to like muthafuckaaaaaa. thisiscrap,thisiscrap,thisiscrap,thisiscrap,thisiscrap,thisiscrap,thisiscrap,thisiscrap,thisiscrap,thisiscrap. (spoken to the beat) Honestly, I'm sorry I even put this crap on our website.