Rating: 3.0

Wale is hit or miss in my book, and this is a major hit.  He'd be at home anywhere in the last 25 years of hip hop with this delivery over a subtle but supportive beat.  Reminds me a bit of Mobb Deep.  #Wale #DCreppin #DrainTheSwamp #TheGarbageHipHopSwamp #NotThePoliticalSwamp #NotTouchingPolitics #JustSayin #DudeIsFromDC #SoIWentWithIt

Rating: 3.23

"Folarin like" while I have no idea what that acutally means, I can say Wale's flow is on point. The beat was well delivered, simple yet supporting the rapper's verse.

Rating: 4.0

Great song, and good to hear Ralph going in on a classic beat.

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