Rating: 3.0

Next to Morgan Freeman, Common might have the most familiar voice in all of documentaries (sorry Liev Schreiber, not there yet). Nothing bad going on in this track. I especially like...///so, I came back to this review after reading Kædo K's review.  I second his directive.  Check out "and the Anonymous Nobody..." immediately. Although I accept your challenge:  This is the single most important album in the history of music and bands like The Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin and Hendrix all were directly influenced when De La eventually find a Delorian and drop this bad boy off on their laps as wee little children.

Rating: 3.2

Common and De La trading rhymes like theyre playing cards. Back to the comment of actual hip hop these dudes are old school emcees and have been making records for years. This track is an excellent cut.

Rating: 2.0

Classic De La, and I'm down... but I'm going to use this section of reviewing to remind everyone that De La Soul just released their first album in years ("...And the Anonymous Nobody") and it's strength and importance to music in general can not be overstated. Give it a listen. It truly is a remarkable sonic compliation.

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