Rating: 3.0

Try to get this out of your head for a week. You'll bust out singing this at the most inappropriate time. The man who paved the way for Matisyahu and Eminem...only one of those is accurate.

Rating: 3.2

this song was redone in 2018. somethings just never need to see the light of day. much like a canadian reggae artist, dropping a rap hit of the 90s. cos you know when i think of reggae i immediately think of ottawa. i couldnt understand the guy then and still wonder wtf he's saying. but noone knows the lyrics to "louie louie" so theres that

Rating: 2.34

Fun fact: This song is the longest hip hop song ever created. Or rather, it just seems like it. I didn't think my compatriots on this website were even old enough to remember this song.