Rating: 3.5

As hip-hop bastardization continues to make its way into the Top 40 with increased frequency, songs like this, that harken back two-plus decades is rare, and greatly appreciated.

Rating: 3.7

Joey Bada$$ ; fun fact is an actor on the show Mr. Robot. Has some deep thoughts on the show knight rider, and seinfeld. All that to say, ive no idea whats a mixtape vs album but here we have 1999. a mixtape. and what a fine one it is. simple beat, great flow, and lyrics. people who say they like hiphop and only know top 40 dont know hip hop.

Rating: 4.0

If there wasn't an open firehose flow of terrible hiphop, you could almost imagine Joey getting the attention and credo he deserves. Even then, as a kid in 2012, he shows signs of the 2nd coming of Rakim. Years later, Joey still remains one of those artists who, when he drops an album, it's immediately copped.