Rating: 0.0

What am I listening to? Why are we talking about Lebron and 6 rings? Why does Minaj sound like a post stroke victim when she's rapping on this track? What are the riddles Drake cannot solve? I'm good at riddles. What type of wine does he need to ease off of? Probably pretty good, right? And I'm pretty sure I've seen Lil Wayne "play the guitar" and dude is most certainly a fraud.

Rating: 1.2

pulling a sample that's as innoucous as the rest of contemporary pop/"rap?" scene right now. Hate the game i gues is what i gotta say, these people are striking whilst the iron remains hot. too bad its not very good.

Rating: 0.85

I don't like Ms. Minaj or her music, but I respect her hustle. That being said, she needs to engage less with D-list, has-been female rappers, (Foxy Brown, Remy Ma, etc) and concentrate more on her own voice and how to fine tune (not auto-tune) it. This track is basic Nicki, and one I'm sure we'll all soon forget.