Rating: 1.0

And that feels generous.  I just don't get it.  I don't get it at all.  I think he had one song I liked, "Let's Go to the Mall."  Oh, that was another Canadian....Robin Sparkles?  Shoot me in the face right this minute Passive with the...shut the F up.

Rating: 2.1

Club jam by Drake. I liked the claps, gives it a nice touch. Also hilarious to start the song on a mistake and say oops gotta restart that song. BTW someone tell me this dude is a rapper?

Rating: 2.89

This is the one of the best songs (Fake Love, also) off of Drake's new album and whether or not that's a good or bad thing, I'll leave up to you. I'm hot or cold with Aubrey with almost every album he's ever had. Headlines is one of my favs (mostly because of the video editing) and Started From the Bottom is always a crowd pleaser, but then you're left with like 85% of the rest of his catalogue in your hands going... what is ... what is this? For why is this?