Rating: 3.0

Such a solid instrumental that it's hard to consider this "Rap" or "Rock" (suck it iTunes).  There are some sexy smooth jazz sounds and bass-work that is truly spectacular. While I would be intrigued to hear some of the best MCs take 16 on top of this (including the Beasties themselves), I'm perfectly okay with letting this age just the way it is.

Rating: 3.4

In addition to being 3emcees and 1 DJ what many people may not know is that the beastie's could play their own instruments. The entire album "the in sound from the way out" showcases their talents to create spaced out jazz numbers like this one. Nevermind this was also on Ill Communications. This song continues to show the beasties as evolving artists following their muse wherever it may take them.

Rating: 3.94

Goddammit, I can't get over how awful that D.R.A.M. song was. I don't even want to write a review for Rickey's Theme... but I will. I love(d) this song. I love that the Beasties played this song, and I love the fact that I could (and still can) put on Ill Communication, start with Sure Shot, mosey thru Sabotage and Get it Together, take a left on Do It, and end up here. I really, really enjoy this album as much in 2016 as I did in 199whoa...I'm....old.

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