Rating: 3.0

Not much there in the way of instrumental, or hook for that matter.  By the end of the song, Watsky hopes to convey his criticism of mass media/mass shooting and the vicious circle that won't be broken.  His failure, as the message is as overt as it gets, is to not link the third verse (his criticism of political response -or lack thereof) back to the first.  A few bars pointing out how politicians are in the pocket of big business and encourage our youth to consume what's popular that eventually leads to adolescent ostracization  and brings us back to Verse 1 would have gone a long way.  Isn't there another song out there making a similar point? Oh yeah, Green Day's newest...we will get to that.

Rating: 1.3

21 pilots making rap tunes? i am sure it sounds fine. but hiphop, correction good hip hop has to come from something else other than just being able to link words that sound the same.

Rating: 1.25

Gehhhhhhh, white people rapping! There HAS to be a cross section (quick, someone get me a venn diagram!) of overly technical rappers and rappers like DRAM, Migos, and Lil' Yachty. This has a large grouping of great wordplay, and an interesting (I guess?) beat, but it doesn't do it for me. ...yes, this coming from the guy who suggested "Best Friend" by Young Thug, so I know nothing.

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