Rating: 2.0

Articulate, intelligent and compelling.  I'm a fan of what KOOL A.D. is doing, but I'm not overly fond of the simple, overly repetitive beat. Not asking for a T.I.-esque beat as that would take away from Mr. A.D.'s flow, but look to some of the variation, rests and switch ups provided on Tribe's new album for higher marks. 

Rating: 3.1

Sick old skool sample with smooth flow. I dig how the rap just waxes on top. "I got bars regardless." Souns like he just hit play and let it come  

Rating: 2.75

KOOL A.D. was once part of DAS RACIST, one of my favorite bands back in the (back in the??) 2011s. Heems has gone off and done some great work, but I've not really gravitated towards KOOL's work much since this latest release. Good stuff, if you like this stuff.