Rating: 3.5

Only a very few hip hop artists transcend like Kendrick Lamar. It seems like the rest have gravitated to the DJ Khaled's of the world or have gotten really lazy. This stays away from mainstream, and isn't approaching transcendent social topics or personal emotional struggles and still is a straight up killer jam.

Rating: 2.0

Good thing this song is under 3min as the beat does not change for the whole song. It would not be such a snooze fest if Russ had taken the time make the melody stand out more. 141M listens....just gonna leave that there

Rating: 2.99

Shoutout to my guy Garret for the heads up on RUSS. Interesting vocals, I like the fact that he's his own producer. I invokes all the cliches a "rapper" in 2017 should expect, but it's a little airy, a little fresher than most DIY rap out there. (I refuse to call any thing that isn't "hip hop", "hip hop").