Rating: 3.5

I don't know if much has changed over 18 years, but in this case, that is a great thing.  When hip-hop in general has moved so far towards unsubstantial, uninspired junk, Tribe being Tribe is precisely what this moment needs.  Q-Tip comes in with some great lines on this track.  Most of the songs on this album run 3.0 - 4.0 in my book...more on that tomorrow.

Rating: 3.15

Head bopping hip hop with rhymes and flow, and proper instrumentals being rapped over. The vocal effect make it seem like they are making an announcement of sorts. More emcees could afford to listen.

Rating: 4.1 ( <- Can we do that?!)

Remember when you first heard Kendrick's mAAd city? Or The Chronic? Or Paid in Full? Same feeling when I heard this album. Track 3 is such a standout track on this album, I could not exclude it from this review site. It sonically transports me back 25 years, to the GOLDEN AGE OF HIP HOP, and makes me yearn for more music like it.

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