Rating: 2.5

I dig. Sounds like a poor man's version of late-90s Madonna.  Although this "Ray of Light" heavily-inspired song never quite takes off like the dance-pop classic from Madge, I can appreciate the effort and homage to the material girl.

Rating: 2.8

Solid synth pop single with a driving beat and Kristin Kontrols vox soarimg over the top. Hot off the heels of last year's album X-communicate, one wonders if this a one off single or a preview of new material to come.

Rating: 2.39

This song might work perfectly as the intro to a racing video game but as a standalone track for me to review, it's a little too moody to be up in the Florence&TM echelon of brooding babe tunes. It's not awful and I can dig it.

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