Rating: 3.0

One of those songs that is hard to get out of your head if you hear it on your morning commute.  Infectious beat and really catchy phrase work ("I can make your hands clap" and "You Don't Even Know").  But what does this song even mean?  Even LMFAO sang about something (getting drunk and laid) over great dance beats.  There is nothing (good or bad) in the songwriting...points for great sounds, none for depth.

Rating: 2.01

I thought Fitz and the Tantrums were supposed to sound like like a southern baptist rocker thing snake charmer dirty haired hippy thing. Instead, I think Fitz (if that is his real name) looks like David Byrne. I'm losing touch. Maybe it is my fault. I was expecting something different.

Rating: 2.75

I never understood Fitz & The Tantrums until I randomly saw them live in New Orleans a few New Year's Eve's ago. It was one of those shows where you're like, "I don't even know any son... songs... so... wait, I know ALL these songs!". Good time, fun band. I dig this track enough.

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