Rating: 3.0

It's hard for me to review this song without including "Old Friends," the front end bookend to Pinegrove's album Cardinal.  Both songs are rough around the edges, both musically and lyrically, and that lends itself to a genuine feeling that we are tapping into a stream of consciousness. It's not neat and tidy, but it feels real.  Also, bonus for slipping "solipsistic" into a song.

Rating: 3.4

A resolve to make new friends after the old ones have been left on the side. Whats the worst that could happen? Pretty much right? The banjo picking in the background could have been mixed lower/out of the song. It would have been fine without.

Rating: 2.92

The song is wholly straightforward, but there's also a bunch of small layers of instrumentation that I really dig. There's a subtle banjo as well as a mandolin that if you concentrate on, makes the song more dynamic than first blush. Good effort, and I'd listen and explore more by the artist.

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