Rating: 2.0

Lo Moon sounds a lot like Phil Collins wrote a song and asked Chris Martin to sing on it. The 80s are back, and in a big way. This isn't the first (nor will it be the last) time I've brought this up on TDS, when can I expect the reverse-gender reboot of Back to the Future? IF they hold off 3 more years, I want Millie Bobby Brown to play protagonist Martianna (Marty) McFly. If we can't wait, what about a Miley (Cyrus) McFly?

Rating: 2.8

synth rock with some crooning vox. not bad. i think this could be a song that you play on repeat for a hot minute, and then forget about altogether. oh look a blue car

Rating: 2.65

Ahhhh, you all thought it was a Mary J cover! No sirs! Interesting arrangements and vocals, but it kind of never gets off the ground. Listenable, but not a head-turner.