Rating: 2.0

You know when YouTube Personality wannabes throw the names Jake Paul and Logan Paul in their vlog titles so they can shamelessly increase their views?...Oh wait, you don't. You aren't up on the latest in YT? It's like the end of the vloggin era with the entrance of these Viners who are just complete fuckboys...nevermind. This dude wrote this song to tap into the mass amounts of Ed Sheeran searches on YT and Spotify. That is all.

Rating: 1.0

Is this for real? gimme a drum machine and a keyboard. Now.

Rating: 1.99

I'm a huuuuuge fan of Velard's last album but I can't get wholly behind his latest effort. Interesting titles and stories and his classic arrangments thru storytelling, but the leap to this neo-millenial Billy Joel doesn't quite hit the mark.