Rating: 1.0

+1 for originality. +1 for being the backtrack on every motivational video with Sly Stallone on YouTube. +1 for some type of musicianship.  -1 for wasting my time. -1 for an improper title to the track.  Might I suggest "The Awakening of the Teenage Libido."

Rating: 4.0

Why pick an instrumental? You wait the throughout the buildup of the song for some epic story to cut through and have everything make sense. Then as the song ends, you realize, no lyrics were necessary. Nothing makes sense, but that doesn't change the fact; this is a gorgeous song.

Rating: 1.4

Not gonna lie, I'm going to wait until this movie comes out and only then will I give it a full review. ...9-plus minutes of instrumentals and zero lyrics? Who are you, my old college roomate's band Perpetual Groove??

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