Rating: 3.0

This rating is skewed as it is intrinsically tied to my opinion of the flick.  It's a wildly entertaining, yet seriously flawed movie, but think less about it...and it's just wildly entertaining  Considering Hollywood votes for the Academy Awards, I expect this song will win (along with the aforementioned flick).  That said, we all know JT's "Can't Stop the Feeling" is going to be robbed.

Rating: 3.1

This song is a movie. Wow good use of the lower register for the Goz. Yep thats his name now. I hope it sticks. The vocal track sounds like it was recorded with an iphone 3. Simple jam. Simple score. I didnt UN-like it. Update - I checked out the version with Emma Stone. The vox still sound lo-fi. But not in a good way. This version is longer, there are harmonies, and a bridge that really gives the song added depth.

Rating: 2.22

Rarely, do I not sing "...city of farts..." when I hear this song. I'm sure the movie is wonderful and will sweep the Oscars. It... it's just not for me, right now.