it's simple.ONE SONG...EVERY.DAY.


3 guys talking music.Ratings from 0-4 (4 being the best)


J.J. Orlando

When the Top 40 station isn't playing, Orlando is often found listening to alt-rock and vinyl versions of female pop vocalists.  He grew up with an affinity for hip-hop but spends most of time trying to listen to a little of this and a little of that, with a growing appreciation for country.


David Johns Fraser

David Johns Fraser is constantly searching for music and all things real. Continues to be in awe of Radiohead and whatever they do even though everything after Kid A (their magnum opus) has had diminishing returns. Will gladly step out of his comfort zone if it makes him feel something. Would fund a kickstarter for a mashup album called DJ Skriplo.



A self-described 'Masshole' with a heart of gold. First 2 CDs ever purchased were James Taylor's Greatest Hits & the soundtrack to 'Boyz N Tha Hood'. Once attended a Tori Amos AND Lilith Fair concert in the same summer. Likes include singer-songwriters, jazzy hip-hop, and music that tells a story.