Rating: 3.5

Bruno Mars is on fire. If you haven't seen his performance of this on Saturday Night Live, you really should enjoy his showmanship and use of the greater SNL studio.  He has borrowed just enough of the sound Mark Ronson employed with Mars in Uptown Funk, and the rest is pure pop bliss. #Blessed

Rating: 2.5

Good dance number with an old school vibe. For Bruno Mars this is charted territory that he's well equipped to handle. For a TDS reviewer, there's nothing here I wouldnt expect. Yawn.

Rating: 3.1

I'm ashamed to admit it, but as it hasn't been played into the ground juuuuuuuust yet, I am a fan. It's a quintessential Bruno Mars song. Mars, always the showman is one of the hardest working men in pop music, and while his star doesn't shine as bright as a Timberlake or similar, he's should be mentioned in the breath right after Justin, because he's a star who gives his fans exactly what they want.

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