Rating: 1.5

Another single in Demi Lovato's catalog that doesn't do much for me.  There are tremendous female pop talents out there and she just isn't there for me.  I'll patiently wait for Katy Perry's new album, Tove Lo's new album, even TayTay to recover from her public shaming and put out more pop gold.

Rating: 2.6

The tension is real with this new track co-written by Demi Lovato. The song was reportedly written in a short time and released just as quickly. Good on creativity and spoteneity. Fine dance track. It's cool for the summer dance floor.

Rating: 2.16

I think, in a different era, Demi Lovato could be a tremendous pop music star. She's right where she needs to be in 2016, but Britney-era, I think she would have been massive. I do however think a lot of her songs are similar in their structure, tempo, and content, which is fine, because if all you're doing is being a 13 year old girl, riding in the back of your parents car, listening to your iPhone and in your own world, it's a perfect melody for the environment.

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