Rating: 3.0

I have to admit that I'm not a fan of "White Iverson" or much of Post Malone's young catalog, but he is one of the most intriguing figures in music right now. I really dig the whole rock/hip-hop/pop accessibility on this cut, and expect to hear it in commercials, movies, video games, and definitely both a Playstation and US Open commercial in the coming months.

Rating: 2.3

Fuzz bass with some howlin' vox. What could go wrong? oh...the verses. I betcha this song would sound like really neat at the grammys but when the dude goes on tour noone knows what other songs are on the album.

Rating: 1.35

Dear ______ (insert finals of any sporting event/sport), How about this song running in the background as you show graphics of Team A and Team B, as they get set to compete?? Eh? Ehhhh? It's a hard no for me. Lyrics alone, this song is atrocious.