Rating: 3.0

When I first heard this song months ago, sans Hayley Williams, I would have given it the most "Meh" review I could. Straight down the center of not great, not awful. Now that they have Hayley on it (and changed nothing else) I find my bias creeping in and I like it much more.  Just makes me wonder why Paramore shouldn't just strip out the synth and add real instruments and make it a killer Fueled By Ramen pop/punk/rock/teen-angsty/piece-of-4.0-awesome.

Rating: 2.3

Some folks just cant get enough of this song. Me? I am fine with the time it took to review it. I feel like Hayley Williams while exploring her pop side, is not at her best in these moments and is being underused.

Rating: 1.34

If they make more movies for The Divergent series, (and you know they probably will) this could probably be the closing-credits song. Little known fact: 132 synthesizers were killed in the making of this track.

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