Rating: 4.0

Mad lib time! First, a verb ending in -ing. A food. Now a place. I got "I keep on dreaming we'll eat Spam by Manhattan." I assume that's how they came up with these lyrics...anyway, this pop-masterpiece will find it's way on my beach/pool/bbq summer playlists. Also, the explicit version is worth it for one amazingly placed "You're fucking delicious."

Rating: 3.14159265...

Cake by the ocean is a good thing? You'd think it would get salty and maybe surf spray on the frosting. Noone would want that. The additional humidity could cause the cake to be too moist. Some people dont like that word. Moist.

Rating: 3.012

This song reminds me of a Greek party beach. I wish I was on a beach in Mykonos, listening to this and wondering how much ouzo is too much ouzo.

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