Rating: 2.5

...and I love me some 90s fringe pop music. Some of the best individual tracks did not come from NSYNC, BSB, Britney and Christina. I'm looking at you "Give Me Just One Night" and "I Wanna Be Bad" and "When the Lights Go Out" and "Show Me Love" (do we consider Robyn as fringe? I don't know), but Miss Mandy misses that top tier. Still a great pop track, but similar to Jordan Knight and Jessica Simpson, it's just on the outside looking in. Although (looking at you Kædo), that first shot is quite epic for a bubble gum pop video, don't you think?

Rating: 2.0

The 2nd(3rd?) wave of 90s pop gave us this Mandy Moore jam. It is so classically bubblegum I get a toothache. Also how much was it a deciding factor her name rhymes with Candy? Mandy, candy, candy, Mandy

Rating: 3.21

The crown jewel of Ms. Moore's catalogue never fails to please. "Candy" was the first release on the Moore's Apple Records label. It spent nine weeks at Number One, holding the top spot longer than any other Mandy Moore song. It was also the longest song up to that point, clocking in at seven minutes and 11 seconds. Radio stations objected to its length, claiming radio wouldn't play the tune. "They will if it's me," Moore shot back. ... No, sorry, that was a review of "Hey Jude". Sorry.