Rating: 3.0

Oh Santigold, you couldn't make a song that Bud Light Lime didn't want to use in their commercials. And the same can be said here, only I'm pretty sure Bud Light Lime is no longer a real thing...maybe around college campuses. Poppy, upbeat and perfectly timed for the summer. Throw this on your beach playlist.

Rating: 3.33

The 60s bubblegum pop trend has given us another song that is easily palatable and full of hooks everywhere if you know where to listen. It is easy to listen to this song on repeat but the lyrics and commentary of self absorption via social media misses the mark.

Rating: 2.5

I sing this to myself sometimes. It's light - I'd substitute this for MIA's "Borders", but let's have some fun here, eh gents?

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