Rating: 3.5

The album, This is Acting, is a collection of songs Sia wrote for other folks and didn't make their cut.  No surprise, this one was meant for Rihanna and after hearing "Work," RiRi should fire whoever makes her song selections.  I still prefer when Sia shows the power of her pipes on songs penned for Adele ("Alive" and "Bird Set Free") but this jammy jam is one of my favorites currently on radio rotation.

Rating: 2.4

Is this the same person who did that chandelier song with the 8 year old runnin around? Anyways, throw some Pitbull on this song and you have all of south beach bumping. Personally this aint doing much for me. But if you like latin vibes with a "cant buy me love" type lyrics...well there you have it.

Rating: 3.05

Sia writes good songs for Rihanna, Beyonce, and Adele. But she writes REALLY good songs for herself.

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