Rating: 2.0

Congrats to the Biebs for becoming the first artist to appear twice on The Daily Single.  I don't like this nearly as much as "Love Yourself" but I don't outright hate the song. For me it's one of those pop songs that I never seem to realize is there in the background. Major Lazer, I award this a perfect mediocre.

Rating: 0.98

Did I just listen to a Bieber song under the guise of a Major Lazer jam?? How can Major or Mr Lazer claim this is his song? Kinda like when Mark Ronson took a Morris Day and the Time song and had Bruno Mars sing on it.

Rating: 2.79

TOO LATE! This song was released in the summer 2016 2 months too late. If BEEEBZ and ML put this into heavy rotation in March of 2016, this song would have reached "Hot in Herre" status and solidified itself as the SONG OF THE SUMMAH. But, I haven't really left my house and hit up any of the clubz lately, so maybe it already is. I (De voice) dig it though. I dig it...

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