Rating: 2.5

When Tove Lo busted out with "Queen of the Clouds" I was hooked. I put that as one of the ten best albums of the past three years.  Needless to say, this song was bound to fall short of my lofty expectations; however, this half-serious, half-facetious,"Gone Girl" inspired track succeeds in getting me amped for the full release of "Lady Wood."

Rating: 1.3

You ever feel like if you have state something then its not actually true? I...

Rating: 2.45

Fine song. A little simple and repetitive for my blood, but I have no real issues with the song. I know soooooooome members of this review site have a soft spot for Ms. Lo, and I do think she's make better music, but I think she's riding a popular wave of sound, and I find this effort average, at best.

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