Rating: 1.5

I'm actually quite surprised that on the heels of T.Swizzle there wasn't more of a pop/country crossover sensation. Catchy single here, but has not committed to being either country or pop. Not sure it is working.

Rating: 1.0

Best part of the song is the guitar palm mute at 0:30. I am fine calling this pop music, but if someone calls this country, I do not think so. The ven diagrams continue to blur. Nashville turned LA. Fine but dont make me listen to it more than once. No bridge that tries to redeem itself. The only thing country bout this song is the mention of 100 proof. a pop song would have referenced cristal, or ciroc, or not whisky

Rating: 1.25

This isn't country, right? This is pop music, correct? Meh. Good for a road trip, if you're driving with a backseat of 14 year old girls, on their way to a Thomas Rhett concert. Otherwise, (presses skip song) next.