Rating: 3.0

I love me some female pop vocals.  Automatic +1 for the subgenre. I really like the slow-yet-forceful bass underlying the song and there is no denying the raw talent in Ms. Grande's vocals.  She still has room to grow and bust out of cookie cutter pop tracks, and let's hope she doesn't go off the deep end like Miley...scratch that, I'm open to that too.

Rating: 2.98

Good song with killer vocals. Ariana steps out of the teenybopper shell like those before her with a declarative "meeeow."Loses points for not penning the song herself and employing the same dude who wrote, "I want it that way" and "..Hit me baby, one more time." Oh and some other guy who wrote songs for Flo Rida as well as Lady Antebellum, GTFO.

Rating: 1.4

Ariana Grande is what happens when the recording industry doesn't know what to do with real talent. I saw her perform at a ceremony at the White House, and it was mind blowing. She hit notes Aretha and Mariah could only hit, with flawless execution and so now I can only hear her radio singles and think to myself, "meh".

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