Rating: 3.5

Anytime Jack Antonoff produces a track it has a distinct sound, that harkens back to 80s pop but has a fresh, off-center pop sound. I love it. T.Sizzle loves it. Lorde loves it. Zayne loves it. Sia loves it. Fifth Harmony loves it. Besides perhaps Julia Michaels, no one is producing as much music for others while still putting out great Top 40 cuts of their own.

Rating: 1.3

Dude looks like an extra straight outta the breakfast club. Which is probably no surprise that this 80s dripping song (likely an unused TSwift song) is now something we have to hear. Fitting how this song is called dont take the money yet it sounds as if he sold out.

Rating: 2.01

Cool synths, bro. I can't think of a situation where I'd normally listen to this song, but thanks for something new to listen to. Also, the middle of the song sounds like it was a throwaway Flight of the Conchords track.